Homemade Wedding Favor Ideas

The best way to thank your guests on your wedding day is a wedding favor. These are typically an essential part of most receptions and in some cultures they are important and guests would take offense to not receive one. A wedding favor is a small gift that is given to each guest at the wedding reception.

If you are having a rather large wedding you are probably not going to want to go out and spend a bunch of money on these favors. Below you will find a list of ideas of homemade wedding favor ideas that are simple to make and will take very little time. 1.

The first favor you could give to your guests is a champagne glass filled with chocolates. This is an easy favor you can make. All you need is to get a champagne glass, the cheapest way is to go with the plastic glasses, and fill them with a couple of chocolates. Then then cover the glass with tulle.

The tulle should go down to the stem of the glass where you can then tie it into place with a ribbon. You can further dress the gift up with a charm or silk flower. 2.

Another homemade wedding favor idea that is great is almonds in tulle. You simply need to cut small squares of tulle, no more than 6 inches by 6 inches, and then place almonds, the most popular being sugar coated almonds, into the center of the squares. All you have left to do now is tie a bow with a ribbon and you are done. 3. If you do not have a centerpiece for your wedding yet and also are in need of a wedding favor, small potted plants are the way to go. Not only will the plants make the day much more colorful, but the guests can enjoy them after the wedding, which is not possible with most centerpieces.

All you have to do to make these favors is plant small flower pots with seeds. It is best to plant the seeds so they can grow before the wedding. These are by no means all of the homemade wedding favor ideas, but are just a few of my favorite. Regardless if you just want to leave your guests with a little piece to remember your wedding by or you are following the traditions passed down by your culture, guests will love having a memory of your day long after it is over.

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