PSP Movie Downloads The Newest Trend

Most people consider PSP only as a game cum music player which is portable. But in truth it is a very handy piece of equipment if you want to watch videos, listen to music in the MP3 format or simply stay connected to the internet with the aid of an integrated Wi-Fi union. So you can also say that the USP of Play station Portable or a PSP is its flexibility. To download a PSP movie you need a CD ripper and a PSP video converter if you want to download top class movie to your PSP.

A CD ripper allows the consumer to "rip off" or "pull out" the music from the CD. First you have to upload the music on to the CD, and then you have to select it. After you have selected the movie you want to download you have to extract and then press the encode key. Then only you can download the movie into the PSP.

You can download both movie and music into the PSP from a PC too. For this you need a USB cable. You first have to connect the USB cable to the PC and the PSP simultaneously and then MP3 files can be downloaded into the PSP. If there are already movie files on your PC, then all that you have to do is press "add" from your CD ripper.

It is not in the least difficult to transfer audio and video files from the PC to the PSP. The PSP video converter converts all required audio and video files to PSP formats. The PSP of Sony is a direct challenge to the monopoly of all others. It is soon going to release software that will enable the PSP to synchronize with common standard PCs. The PSP will work in harmony with your PC and you will be able to download high quality movies. So it can be said that currently, the Sony PSP is the most powerful hand held multimedia device which is very suitable for playing games, running movies and has outstanding capabilities where audio and video quality is concerned.

It has even launched a free site for downloading movies and music. All the websites are pampering and spoiling you with innumerable options. The number one choice in this category seems to be the personal players. Hence go ahead and download your free movie today!.

*** S. Stammberger is editor of Consumer Control. Did you know that the PSP player only owns two psp movies? Why? Because they believe PSP movies are way too expensive. Don't be one of them! You can have a huge collection of PSP movies for one flat fee. Visit PSP Movie Downloads


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