Some Of The Car Seat Covers You Should Consider For Your Baby

Wool is the softest and most comfortable material that can be used for Car Seat Covers and Baby Buntings. Organic cotton flannel, unbleached cotton flannel and regular cotton flannel are choice backings for wool car seat covers and baby Buntings. Wool car seat Covers swaddle baby in security and warmth. Therefore, Wool is a "choice" material in the construction of these covers because of its softness and insulating qualities. The outer cells of the fiber repel water while the inner cells absorb moisture.

Wool is highly absorbent, and can retain up to 25 percent of its weight in moisture. As wool slowly absorbs moisture from the air, the cover becomes warmer to baby. Wool will take on a lot of moisture before it feels damp. It also dries slowly so as not to chill baby by drying too quickly.

Because of Wool's tendency to retain moisture, Wool is naturally flame-retardant. Many of the synthetic fabrics and "fillers" used to make Car Seat Covers and Baby Buntings do not breathe. Over time they can emit toxic fumes during the aging process, thus posing respiratory and allergic reactions as well as asthma like symptoms.

Wool is a natural fiber and naturally hypoallergenic; as are the cottons used to back Car Seat Covers and Baby buntings. It helps keep the baby warmer in cool temperatures, and cooler in warmer temperatures. Plush Merino wool provides an extremely soft surface. Cleaning Wool The oil extracted from the leaves of the Australian Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) is well known to be effective against dust mites, a cause of allergens for asthma sufferers, and particularly infants. Tea Tree Oil is also noted for its general beneficial qualities such as being a natural fungicide.

It also helps in the healing of wounds and reduces skin irritation. Kookaburra Woolwash also works well for laundering bed linens and clothing for asthma sufferers where dust mite feces is a critical matter. Good "Padding" Important for Infants A good feel with a tad of pressure would deem the use of padding necessary for Baby Car Seats, High Chairs and Infant Rocking Seats.

It would seem that proper "padding" would add more in the name of safety to car seats. Wool products will place a barrier between baby and the synthetic unknowns of the factory provided products. The car manufacturer's concerns are with the highest possible safety performance of the car seat for baby's safety, not the health concerns that may be posed by the liners used to soften the hard plastic of such baby accessories. Because synthetics have only come about in the last century or so, the mother's of yesterday had little concern in the products they purchased for baby.

Today's moms must research and take full responsibility for understanding the products that come in contact with their baby. Give a Gift of Wool for Baby A gift of wool for baby whether it is a Car Seat Cover, a Bunting or a Wool Fleece Blanket is a gift of quality. The next time you are purchasing a baby gift consider making it something wool!.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as baby car seat covers at


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