Some Reasons Why Good Relationships Go Bad

Most relationships usually start on a good note but many of these relationships do not withstand the test of time. In this article I will discuss some common reasons why good relationships go bad. If someone is busy with work. There are certain people who will completely focus on their work while subconsciously blocking out everything else in their life. If this person is in a committed relationship this can send the wrong message to their partner. This person's partner may get the impression that their relationship is less important than their work.

If there isn't very much sex in the relationship. Having a great sex-life is one of the keys to longevity in any successful relationship. Sometimes one partner may have a significantly higher sex drive than the other, if someone feels sexually unfulfilled this can create some major problems in the relationship.

If someone has cheated. Cheating can ruin a good relationship, some relationships can be saved after someone has cheated while other relationships cannot. Most people who have high self-esteem will not continue a relationship after their partner has cheated on them.

While many people with low self-esteem may stay with their partner after they have cheated on them because they believe that it will be too difficult for them to find someone else who truly appreciates them. If someone feels as though they are giving more than they are receiving. There are people who enjoy doing acts of kindness for their partner but when these acts of kindness are not reciprocated the person who is giving may feel as though their partner does not appreciate them. Money can often ruin good relationships. Someone who expects an excessive amount of extravagant gifts from their partner may ruin their relationship. Someone who has bad spending habits may also ruin their relationship, the idea of being with someone who is high maintenance does not appeal to everyone because money cannot buy you love.

If someone is consistently telling lies. Most honest people dislike people who are consistently telling lies. If a person is completely honest with their partner but their partner is dishonest with them, this can ruin their relationship.

These are some of the most common reasons why good relationships go bad. Extremely selfish people will often ruin their relationships because many of them are too focused on themselves that they do not empathize, it can be difficult for them the look at things from someone else's point of view.

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