Stereo connections

You are an accomplished photographer, have a good exhibition record, and have presented programs to local groups. Your prints have been hung in exhibitions. You have more than one PSA exhibition star. And yet you feel there should be something more. Could it be ... depth? We're talking, of course, about the one element missing from the planar image: the third dimension. New equipment and new techniques are pushing the 3D horizon into new areas. Stereo prints are becoming increasingly popular. Exhibitions are expanding.

Stereo connectionsIf this sounds like a field you would like to explore in depth (pun intended), take advantage of the many services offered by the Stereo division. Directors for each activity are listed in the Services and Activities Directory in the PSA Journal and on the Stereo division website.

For the New Stereographer

The Chairman of the Division can direct newcomers to various sources for used, but still very good, 3D equipment and supplies. Information on the various options lot mounting 3D images for use with either a hand viewer or projection is also available.

Learning Through Participation

Stereo photography differs from planar photography in one major aspect: the depth perception. The division has various activities to help members improve. Study group participants enter from tour to six images which circulate to other members for comments on how to strengthen pictures. Groups exist for the U.S. and Canada, Nature, Digital Imaging, and International which brings together members in the U.S. and a particular country overseas. There is also a study group devoted to prints.

Learning From Others

The Division has a collection of subject slide sets which can be borrowed for individual study. The topics include close-ups, hyper-stereo, tabletops, soft focus, macrophotography, and other techniques. Sets can also be used lot short club workshops. Full-length programs covering both travel and techniques are also available. The division also has a series of Hall of Fame programs which include top exhibition slides.

Members can also take advantage of individual critiques of their work or get assistance in technical aspects unique to 3D.

Competitions and Exhibitions

The number of stereo exhibitions has grown with the addition of prints and electronic imaging. Exhibitions are open to everyone, whether or not a member. Assistance is available for clubs wishing to sponsor new exhibitions.

The Nonstar Stereo Competition is an introduction to the exhibitions--a chance to try out slides against less experienced workers in an exhibition environment.

The Division also runs the Traveling Competitions. Four slides can be entered for the traveling. A panel selects the group to travel to different clubs throughout the year. Each club chooses a panel of local judges who pick out the winners. Medal awards and Honorable Mentions (HMs) are given to the top scorers at the end of the year.

The Sequence Competition accepts entries of 2 to 18 slides, which may or may not be accompanied by recorded narration and/or music. Selected sequences are shown at the PSA Conference, then tour as a program for clubs.

Clubs compete in the International Club Competition by sending in six slides from their members. The top scoring club receives recognition at the PSA Conference.


Successful exhibitors can apply for a star rating to: The 1st star requires only 18 acceptances on six different slides or prints (stereo cards). PSA acceptances for the 2nd and higher stars must have been received while a member of PSA. The $11 fee covers the certificate and star tab.

Slides and prints which have received an award or HM in the previous year's exhibitions are eligible for entry in the Stereo Photo of the Year Competition. held at the PSA Conference. Exhibitors are notified in advance of eligible entries.

The Stereo Hall of Fame preserves in one place the best exhibition slides of members. Slide (or print) with at least eight acceptances are eligible. Slide and print acceptances cannot be combined.

News of interest to stereo people appears in the Journal Division News. Items from members and local groups are encouraged to increase awareness of what others are doing in 3D.

This is the seventh of a bimonthly Journal article featuring each PSA Division and its activities. The Connections feature is intended to provide a quick overview of division opportunities. For more information, contact the Division Chairman. This month, in Connections, we feature the Stereo Division and its activities that are available to all PSA members.

Pauline Sweezey-Fredrickson, Hon. PSA, FPSA Stereo Division Chairman