Tips on the Best Way to Entertain Your Party Guest

If you are looking for some fascinating game to entertain your party guest, here is some of the most interesting games, that will surely chill out your friends. For the next game the girls had torn off the monthly sheets of an old calendar large size. On each sheet they had crossed off fifteen or sixteen different days so that each sheet had fifteen days remaining. Then they cut another month into individual dates which they put into a box. Before starting this game the girls passed out small favors to each guest.

Each package was wrapped in Christmas paper and tied with fancy ribbon. The boys got combs, key chains, and pencils. The girls received bows, bobby pins, and combs. When the presents were undone they were laid in a row on the table.

Jean then handed out navy beans to be used as markers. The game then proceeded like bingo. When Nancy drew a number from the box, everyone having that number on his calendar (the crossed-out ones didn't count) put a bean on it. The first one to have all the numbers on his sheet covered sang out "Snowman." He then was permitted to take his choice of all the favors on the table, regardless of ownership. Of course, this created a great deal of joshing, but every man had his turn until all the gifts were disposed of.

After this hilarious game, the crowd divided into two teams and the girls brought out two storm windows covered with frost (Bon Ami). One window stood in the living room, the other in the adjoining dining room. A captain from each team left the room, and both were told to draw in the frost on the window the same picture, without telling what they were drawing. Each team had to guess what picture its captain was drawing.

The team guessing first was the winner. The first picture to be drawn was that of a sleigh; second, a boy sliding down hill; the third was to depict "Snowbound." The game was fascinating, as none of these young people were artists which made it all the funnier. After one team had won three times straight, the other team insisted on a change of captains, which started the game off anew. At this time a game of "Ice" was the order of the day.

The girls handed out slips of paper with questions on them to be answered with a word containing ice. Some of the questions were: Answers 1. A 4-letter ice the world would be better without vice 2. A 6-letter ice that occurs three times Thrice 3. A 5-letter ice fixed by the merchant. Price 4.

A dainty four-letter ice Nice 5. A 4-letter ice feared by the gals Mice 6. A 5-letter ice that is cut Slice 7.

A 5-letter ice used in pickles Spice 8. A 5-letter ice that repeats itself twice 9. A 4-letter ice seen at weddings Rice 10. A 6-letter ice that is easier to give than to take Advice The dining room table carried out the same winter scene. The centerpiece was a wreath of small pine branches, tied with silver bows and decorated with bright colored Christmas tree balls and large pine cones.

Tall red candles added the grand touch. All the refreshments were served buffet style, with a sprig of fir tied with a red bow on each tray. Tuna fish salad with hot buns, and iced tea, and for dessert snowballs of ice cream and cookies with frosting snowman faces completed the meal.

The guests claimed they had actually forgotten the heat in the chilly party and donned ear muffs and galoshes before saying a warm farewell. To experience the chilly winter in the mid summer must be a new experience for party youngsters. Christmas tree balls with gift wrap, snowman songs will definitely bring them in a cool mood of excitement and fun.

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