Why We Need Old Movies

Hollywood movies, with their immense glamour and romance, have given a fresh breath to our lives. They have helped people to somehow get relieved from the postwar trauma. These movies came up with the culmination of glamour and beauty. The number of movies till date is too many that one will still end up missing a good number of them after watching them continuously at two per day for entire lifetime. However, if you are worried those movies are running out of new ideas and movies simply repeat their story lines, which might be a valid worry! In that case you still wouldn�t have to worry too much; you should look into entertaining yourself with old movies. Old movies are in an entirely different class from movies today.

Movies made in the past were filled with interesting plots and outstanding casts. They brought many good things into the lives of people who were overtired and overworked. Just because many old movies are in black and white and may be lacking in picture quality do not underestimate the depth and quality of the movies they are. Some of the best movies made in all of history are old movies. Examples are Casablanca, A Philadelphia Story, Citizen Kane and of course Singin� in the Rain. The dancing, singing and overall performances of actors in the past seem to outshine many actors today.

The quality and enjoyment that we can get from these movies will not diminish even over a long period. They have been favorite movies for generations and generations. There are many occasions when it is ideal to pull out an old movie to watch.

When the world was torn apart first by depression, then by war every one found life difficult. Staying happy wasn�t easy. Movies made in the past were oftentimes meant to help people deal with the realities they faced in life. One of these ways was by providing happy and cheerful movies and that left people feeling good. These happy and cheerful tunes and personalities have succeeded in encouraging us when we are down and inspiring us to look to the future with an open mind. When it is drizzling lightly outside and you feel like you would just like to spend your day indoors, and then why not pull out an old movie to watch.

The happy smiles and cheerful dispositions of the actors will put you in a good mood! Another great time to watch old movies is when you feel sad and lonely. You may feel sad for a number of reasons, but old movies will cheer you up and brighten your day. Many themes of movies made in the past were meant to bring a bright and happy outlook to the future. The next time you feel down you should pull out one of these happy old movies with which to entertain yourself!.

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