Your Babys Physical Development Months

Your baby goes through various milestones in his or her development And whilst all babies do not develop at the same pace they do pass these milestones in the same order. It is possible to gauge with some degree of certainty how your baby will develop over the first twelve months of his life. The rate of development goes through spurts as does the rate of growth. Movements are jerky when a baby is very young but become smoother with time. One month Your baby's body will be quite curled still but he will be able to lift his head slightly. His hands will make tight fists and he will have a reflex action which will cause him to grasp anything which is placed in the palm of his hand.

Two months Your baby will be able to lift his head a bit more and will be able to hold it in this position for a second or two. His hands will begin to open more and his grasp will become more voluntary. Three months Your baby's body will now be uncurled and his legs extended. He will be able to hold his head up.

His hands will now be much more open although he may not be able to grasp things for long. Four months Your baby should now be able to support his upper body on his forearms and if placed on his tummy will be able to roll on to his side or even on to his back. He will become fascinated with his own hands and sucking them and playing with them will give him endless fun. Five months Your baby will be able to push up fully on his arms and will be able to roll from back to side.

He will begin grasp objects with both hands and will particularly enjoy using this new skill to suck his feet. Six months Your baby will be able to sit unsupported for a few seconds and will be able to twist in all directions. He may be able to rotate his wrist and hold an object between his thumb and forefinger. Seven months Your baby will be able to sit unaided for longer, particularly if he leans forward to balance himself. He will now be able to hold an object in both hands. Eight months Your baby will be able to sit completely unaided and will be able to turn around.

He will begin to show signs of getting into a crawling position. He will be able to grasp small objects with his hands. Nine months Your baby will be trying to crawl and may be doing a 'commando' style crawl by using his arms.

He may start poking things with his finger. Ten months Your baby will be able to crawl with straight arms and legs and will enjoy pulling himself in to a standing position. He will also be able to hold two objects in one hand. Eleven months Your baby will be able to toddle when supported and will be able to 'cruise' along the furniture by himself. He will be able to feed himself and give and take objects. Twelve months Your baby will start to stand unaided or even take a few steps.

His coordination will improve constantly and he will be able to roll a ball across the floor. These milestones are just a guideline. Your baby will go at his own pace don't try and force him to more quickly than he wants just help and encourage him as much as you can.

Lisa Davies is a writer and mother of two. Learn more about babies and toddlers at


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