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Portrait Photography

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wielding a vintagecamera

Many of us have gleefully rummaged through a grandparent's attic with an eye for lost treasure. The objects we found often brought the past to life. Now imagine an attic with more than five acres of floor space, crammed with treasures .


The camera and the flesh

Ariane Lopez-Huici's portrait photographs have a definite performative aspect. By acts of supreme cajoling, this diminutive photographer gets all kinds of people, big and small, to reveal their radical, often radically unconventional, beauty.


facing time

Gary Schneider, who was born in South Africa in 1954, is best known today for Genetic Self-Portrait. This expansive and dramatically heterogeneous work depicts the exterior and interior of the artist's


borrowing a conceit

From rock stars to presidents, literary figures to actors, not to mention pretty much everyone of consequence in the blue-chip art world, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders has for some three decades now


Highs and lowsThe low point in this encyclopaedic history of the 1960s comes in the first sentence, when it emerges that Dominic Sandbrook has chosen to begin with the Lady Chatterley trial. It is a nerve-racking start.